Your wedding is going to be amazing.

In fact, all the weddings we get to attend are inspiring. But yours…. we’ve got an especially good feeling about yours.

And an amazing wedding deserves to be captured for all eternity. We know you’ve planned this day down to the last detail, and our videographer will make sure that everything, from the big vows to the little finishing touches are immortalised in film for you and your family to enjoy.

Every wedding is different.

So we don’t want to guess what you need. We’ll have a chat, and see what you want to get out of your wedding films, and how we can go about providing exactly that.

Most videographers will give you a 5 – 10 minute highlight reel of your day – and that’s great, we love those, and are happy to capture those memories in that way for you.

However, we feel by doing that you sometimes miss out on a lot of the intricate details that have gone into your wedding. We like to provide a more complete package. Naturally, we’ll tailor this to you, but we find that by producing four or 5 different films, we can make sure that every important detail of your day is there for you to go back to again and again.

To us, that starts with a full length high quality edit of your whole ceremony. Got to get those “I do’s” in! Then we’ll do the same for your speeches. Bad jokes included, I’m afraid. And we wouldn’t dare to miss your first dance, whether that be a beautiful slow dance or a high octane medley. But our personal favourite is the cinematic montage we’ll make of your entire reception. This is where we get those special extra touches, and the reactions and enjoyment of your guests. 


Show and Tell

Instead of all these words, it’s easier to show you.
Here’s a selection of some of the films we produced for one of our couples, Samuel and Parisa, in April 2018.

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That's the art, here's the admin.

We would always rather get to know what you need first, then start talking about costs. But we know you’ve probably got one eye on that budget, so here’s a rough idea.

Professional Wedding Films

Our videographer, with you from the moment your ceremony starts 'til late in the night, producing gorgeous, memorable films from your ceremony, speeches, first dance and reception.

Extra Time

If you want even more of your day captured, we can come to you that morning before we head to the ceremony to capture bride and/or groom preparations, adding yet more dynamic memories to your films.

Extra Videographer

Our videographer is an expert at multitasking, and will use a plethora of equipment to get the best film possible. But if you've got a particularly dynamic wedding with lots going, we can bring in another videographer to make sure every angle of your day is covered.

Aerial Drone Footage
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We use the best in cinematic equipment to make your films. But if you want to take things up a level - call in the drones. We can take to the skies to capture stunning landscapes of your venue, and all you have going on around it, to add that special extra touch to your film


That’s just a rough guide though, for specific ideas of how 1Five Film can make your wedding last forever in you, your friends and your families’ minds, get in touch using the link below.

Let’s do a wedding. Get in touch.